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Much of what we read in the media today obsessively focuses on the political, social, cultural and racial differences and divides between us and the labels that supposedly encompass them. Even the often forgotten and discounted youth we partner with are labelled - “the Lost Generation”, “a ticking time-bomb” waiting to explode and threaten the world with its enormity.

But our experiences in Lagos, Delhi and Philadelphia prove otherwise. These youth have challenges. There are gaps in their skills and knowledge but they aren't lost or hopeless. They are powerful. They have passions, personalities and pursuits that defy the concept expressed by any one word. They are agents of change for themselves and for their peers.

 Similarly, each of you are not simply a millennial or baby boomer or generation Z, conservative or liberal, American or African, Christian or Muslim or Jew, heterosexual or homosexual, banker or cleaner or teacher, or artist.  

Beginning on Giving Tuesday (29th November 2016) we want you to help us use the power of social networks and social media to build bridges of commonality over the cracks that have emerged in our unity. We want you to do this by expressing and exploring the parts of your identity which make you say “I am more than”.  At the same time we aim to raise $10,000 towards giving each often forgotten and discounted ‘I’ an opportunity to become an agent of change. Towards ensuring that every ‘I’ is more than.

See here for more details.

They are more than.
You are more than.

We are all more than. And often incongruously so.
This is the #IAmMoreThan Campaign
You can help us by...
Expressing your support for your loved one’s unique combination of attributes by gifting them a donation to Generation Enterprise along with their other holiday gifts.

Our Global Giving page can be found here. We will provide a free printable gift certificate once your donation is complete. 
Asking three friends or family members to do the same (and to ask three of their friends, etc...).

A cheat sheet is attached with wording you might like to use and fast facts about the impact made by even the smallest donation.
Posting a picture of yourself holding a sign that tells the world what you are more than, what labels you defy. The message should be expressed as follows:
"My name is [insert your name]. I am [insert label that might be applied to you]. AND... I [insert something about yourself that is surprising or contradictory in light of that label]. #IAmMoreThan #GenerationEnterprise #GivingTuesday
For example, Margot’s will state:
“ I am Margot.
I am an introvert 
AND I love parties”.


Thank you for your participation and dedication.

Margot & Lily